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AKA denies not paying videographer… says money was spent on alcohol

South African rapper AKA has dismissed claims that he did not pay a videographer for services rendered to him.

AKA who’s the new owner of club Cuba Lounge BLK faced the wrath of black Twitter after a service provider called him out for allegedly not paying for his services.

AKA had to post evidence of his payment for the services. He posted invoices on his timeline after videographer @Supermandla tagged him demanding his payment for his services.

He claimed that AKA had used a video he shot and put together to advertise his club but did not pay when it was time to pay.

AKA says he delegated the responsibilities of payment to someone else. Which led to the videographer demanding his money on AKA’s timeline.

Super Mega did not take this lightly as he viewed it as a public attack on his brand as a public figure but said he wasn’t paying because he wasn’t the one who hired him.

He then revealed that the person who had hired the videographer ‘drank’ the money meant for payment.

“Cuba Lounge BLK and AKA have used my work to advertise their beautiful venue but the work hasn’t been paid for. 2020 such is still happening #PayForTheWorkDid” tweeted the videographer.

AKA replied saying, “The problem is that the person who was paid to pay you for your work came to the club and racked up a R19k (US$1295) bill. Good luck with that.”

To cement his claims AKA produced evidence.

“Here is the bill of the person who the club hired and who is supposed to pay you my guy. I did not to do this but here you are talking smack to the wrong person. He drank your money. Sorry.”