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65 year old granny ‘Gee Six Five’ drops sizzling Amapiano song

While some of her age mates are singing ‘Timo Mo Mo’ in churches, a 65-year-old granny known as Gee Six Five has become the most loved new Amapiano sensation with her debut single that has already taken social media by storm.

The single titled ‘ Obani Lababantu ? will be available on all digital streaming platforms.

In a Video shared on social media Gee Six Five says she’s positive South Africans will love her song.

“My name is Gee Six Five. I’m about to release a song titled Obani Lababantu ?. A song that is going to be a hit. I think South Africans will love it.”

“All I’m asking for is support. I recorded this single because I want us to show that anyone, no matter how old, can turn anything into success.

As much as Mzansi is happy about Gee Six Five, her family has been left divided over her newly found career.

For Move Magazine editor in chief Sbu Moungoss said, “So Gee Six Five is my aunt (She’s the one who got her masters at 60yrs + and is currently pursuing a doctorate).

“My family is very divided about her recording this single. She says she wants to show that you can go after your dreams no matter the age.”

Regardless of her age Gee Six Five is not moved by people’s comments as she’s chosen to focus on the positives only.