Sudan releases rebel leader

The Sudanese authorities have released a leading member of the rebel group Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North.

Yasir Arman's rebel group fought Omar al-Bashir's troops in Blue Nile State
Yasir Arman’s rebel group fought Omar al-Bashir’s troops in Blue Nile State

Yasir Arman, who had only recently returned to Sudan after years in exile, was arrested in his home in Khartoum and detained for five days.

Mr Arman was convicted for involvement in an uprising that began in 2011 in Blue Nile State and sentenced to death in absentia.

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The authorities also freed two other prominent members of the movement, including its secretary, Ismail Jalab, and its spokesperson, Mubarak Ardol who were arrested after they had met Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last week.

Their release comes on the second day of a campaign of civil disobedience that has closed many offices and services in the capital Khartoum.

The opposition says this will continue until power is transferred to a civilian administration.

But the military council said it was stepping up the deployment of security forces.

More than a hundred people have been killed since the military’s crackdown of the pro-democracy movement. BBC News