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‘Heartless criminals’ behind killing of security guards in parked car in Soweto

By Iavan Pijoos

The attack on two parked security guards in Soweto‚ south of Johannesburg‚ was carried out by “heartless criminals with no regard for human life”‚ 24/7 Security Services said on Monday.

Police have launched a manhunt for two men who allegedly shot and killed two security guards at Maponya Mall in Soweto last week.
Police have launched a manhunt for two men who allegedly shot and killed two security guards at Maponya Mall in Soweto last week.

The two reaction officers‚ Eric Ngobese and Boykie Moyo‚ were gunned down near Maponya Mall in Soweto last week Wednesday.

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The company’s Geoff Schapiro told TimesLIVE the guards were “very experienced an seasoned officers”.

A video of the attack was captured by a high definition camera fitted inside of the vehicle. The vehicle is also fitted with a camera on the outside.

Schapiro said the men and vehicle were deployed as part of a team providing specialised security services for a national financial institution.

A gruesome 30-second video doing the rounds on social media shows the moment the two guards are shot dead in broad daylight at what appears to be close range.

It shows their vehicle parked near Maponya Mall. Both are wearing their uniforms and bullet-proof vests. One of the guards was sitting with a book and pen on his lap‚ reading.

Moments later‚ two armed men open fire through the driver-side window‚ seemingly instantly killing him.

Shots ring out on the other side of the vehicle‚ hitting the passenger in his head.

The two gunmen are then seen opening the doors of the vehicle and searching the guards‚ taking a firearm off one of the men. The other lifeless guard is yanked out of the vehicle and thrown to the ground.

The gunmen appeared oblivious to the dash-cam which captured their faces and tattoo marks distinctly.

“We believe the motivation for the attack was to disarm and steal the officers’ firearms‚” Schapiro said.

He said the company at no stage made the footage available for release on social media‚ nor approved the release of the footage.

Pictures of the two gunmen with their distinctive tattoos had been shared widely on social media.

“While this may aid Saps (South African Police Service) to identify the criminals faster‚ it has had an emotional toll on the families‚ friends and work colleagues of the deceased reaction officers. Our thoughts are particularly with their wives and children‚” Schapiro said.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Masondo said a team of senior detectives had been assigned to hunt down the attackers. Masondo said police are investigating cases of murder and armed robbery. Times Live.