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Former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi apologises to kids for harsh treatment

South African media personality Unathi Nkayi says she has apologised to her children for the harsh treatment she subjected them to while she was in the midst of her divorce from ex-hubby Thomas Msengana.

Former Idols SA judge Unathi Nkayi’s marriage to Thomas Msengana broke down after she reportedly discovered that he was allegedly “sexting” a Joburg woman.

In an Instagram post, Unathi said she was moved to apologise to her children after they started reflecting on how she was harsh towards then at the height of her marital woes.

”My daughter and son over the weekend were reminding me of how different I was five to six years ago. My daughter started by laughing and saying ‘Snako, do you remember how Mom used to shout at us for everything about five to six years ago?’

“They both laughed and told me how much they prefer the patient, kind and, most importantly, fun mom I am now.

”I explained to them the concept of ‘hurt people hurt people’ and transitioning through the divorce was hard for me.

“I apologised to them for the unfair treatment I clearly put them through and thanked them for holding me accountable for how I was then and how I made them feel,” she wrote.