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Zodwa Wabantu checks into rehab after saying she is tired of drinking

South African socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she will be going into a rehab center ‘voluntarily’ because she is ‘tired’ of consuming alcohol and probably needs help.

The reality show star posted a video on her Instagram while in Durban saying she visited a rehabilitation center in the city to go and ‘explore’ what it felt like to receive treatment as she also needs help with her drinking lifestyle.

In the video she said, “Good morning guys, to my doctor, ngiyaziletha kuwe (I am bringing myself to you)… I am F%$#ken tired and another thing, I think I am coming for the rehab, rehab for alcohol ngihlezi ngidakiwe (I am always getting drunk). But I am here to learn about the rehab, I am coming to explore.”

She also requested some privacy and time to relax without disturbances from friends.

“Pleas guys, Durban friends: do not call me, it’s my journey. I am tired of alcohol, even now I am drunk and I have a hangover but I am coming to Durban to relax… I am tired,” she said.

Last month Zodwa sparked a heated argument on social media after posting a video of ARVs saying people with HIV need to feel comfortable taking the pills without any stigmatization.

She said, “I know that people have asked the question about my status. Others don’t even ask, they make up their minds that I’m positive because of my lifestyle, but I don’t care.

“Whether I am positive or not is none of their business. They can continue speculating, but what I want my fans to understand is that there’s no shame in taking ARVs.

“Whether I have HIV or not, is not for anybody but the person I’m f… to know, however I want the conversation about taking ARVs to start because it can save lives,” she said.