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DJ Zinhle worried someone close to her is leaking confidential information

South African DJ Zinhle is worried that someone in her circle is leaking confidential information about her private life to the media… and people think it could be her best friend Pearl Thusi.

Without revealing much information on where the troubles stem from, Zinhle made this revelation shortly after her new boyfriend, Murdah Bongz made headlines for suffering a life-threatening fall whilst on set.

The ‘My Name Is’ hit-maker took to twitter expressing how deeply she’s concerned about her issues getting to the public.

“Guy. I am worried!!! I clearly work with someone who’s a pathological liar and who also takes fake news to newspapers. What a sad human. What’s actually sad is that I don’t know who it is,” she tweeted.

Zinhle’s fans were quick to conclude that the person selling her to the newspapers was none other than her long time best friend, Pearl Thusi.

One follower commented saying, “Pearl Thusi… Dangerous loya sisi.”

Another follower followed up with a comment saying, “I always knew Pearl Thusi is Sh**t”

One of her fans came up with a solution for her saying, the best way was to tell all her friends different versions of a story and it would be easy to know who has been selling her out.

“I can’t remember which celeb had this issue but fed each person in their circle a different version of a story to see which one ended up in the press. They found the culprit quick quick,” said Zinhle’s fan.

This strategy worked for Kim Kardashian, maybe it could work out for Zinhle as well.