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Generations’ actress Letoya and wife Lebo respond to rumors that they are now broke

South African actress Letoya Achene-Pulumo and her wife, Lebo Pulumo are furious after rumors have been circulating that they are broke and could not pay for their restaurant bill.

The couple have taken to social media saying they are doing just fine and whoever is out there trying to tarnish their image should come ‘have a look’ at their bank balances.

The couple who tied the knot in December in a traditional ceremony, says it’s a lie that they are broke and left a bill behind for R2000 at a restaurant in Fourways north of Johannesburg.

“My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week. Now explain to me how we can be broke if we can afford to go out so much?”

“We can send you our bank balance and it’s quite healthy,” said Lebo.

Lebo says, yes it’s true that they dined at a restaurant in Fourways three weeks ago before they started their 21 days of fasting and meditation but their bill was R1350 which they paid in full with an extra R250 for a tip.

“Our bill came to R1350 and we ended up paying R1600 including a tip. Now for people to say that I left my wife behind is just a lie- I am always with my wife and would never leave her behind.

“We are so perplexed by all of this. Even the owner of the restaurant is angry and has offered to release a statement clearing our names. He has even gone to the extent of offering us a night out on them,” she added.

Lebo who is a businesswoman said if they were really broke they wouldn’t be launching her wife’s shop for muti infused beauty products or buy her a car in cash.

“I know there is Covid and people are going through a hectic time financially but God has been good to my wife and I. Even without a full-time job I have been able to provide for my family and even buy a car in cash for my wife,” she said.