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Hip Hop rivals AKA and Cassper Nyovest in heated war of words AGAIN

South African Hip Hop rivals, AKA and Cassper Nyovest have re-ignited their six-year-old beef by engaging in a war of words on Twitter, as they always do.

The SA Hip Hop arch enemies who promised to battle it out in a boxing ring are still going on loud mouthing on twitter and saying nothing about the much anticipated boxing match that has now got their fans annoyed.

It was no different last Friday as Supa Mega and Mufasa engaged in yet another twitter war (TWAR). A memes thread containing SA rappers as women was the main cause for the TWAR this time around.

A tweep created female versions of the artists and AKA caught sight of the tweet then responded saying, “This is hands down the craziest sh#t I’ve seen on twitter.”

AKA went on to say he looked hotter than Cass who he nicknamed ‘Mama Jack.”

Things quickly went north when Cass did not only respond to the memes but also moved the twar to the failed boxing match.

“The memes are very funny but we are both grown men. Let’s leave the memes to the kids and finish what you started by calling me out to a boxing match after swearing at my mother. Back up your words and let’s end this long boring beef. It’s a great chance to entertain the fans.

“I know and I don’t mind that. Its cringe worthy that I am entertaining him but I just need to close this chapter properly and in the most entertaining fashion.

“At some point people are gonna have to back up their tweets. You can’t come ouchea talking reckless and then say ‘it’s not that deep fam.’ Come see me in the ring fam,” said Cassper.

AKA did not hesitate to respond.

“Someone tell Mama Jack to leave me the f**k alone. If someone swore at my mom I would fight the n###a for free… and it wouldn’t be in no ring either.

“If something was supposed to happen it would have happened by now… we are bored we are tired haii no Mama Jack stop it now,” said AKA with some laughing emojis.

The two enemies have been promising to fight each other since last year and they have been blaming each other for delaying the much anticipated boxing match. Everyone including the two rappers are now fde up with the empty promises and cat fights that seem to have no end.