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Zodwa WaBantu goes political… joins Kenny Kunene’s party

Surely there is no end to Zodwa Wabantu’s surprises, after going on a coffin shopping spree, drama with Ben 10s, buying a snake, enrolling for acting school, this time around the socialite and business woman has joined a political party.

The socialite who rose to fame for dancing without under garments could get a seat in parliament if her new party gets enough votes. Zodwa has officially joined the Patriotic Alliance, a political party led by controversial businessman Kenny Kunene.

Kunene took to Instagram saying Zodwa is what his political movement needs for it to be complete. In the video, Zodwa and Kenny appeared with some other party members in a row as Kenny the Sushi King made the announcement.

“PA people, we are here in Dlamini in Soweto and is where Zodwa Wabantu was born…. I am pleased to welcome the new signing to PA, Zodwa Wabantu. When I spoke to her about joining she was like ‘no, no bra Kenny PA? Politics mina?

“But I’ve seen something in her and her name explains what I have seen. She is the Zodwa of the people. She loves the people, the people love her.

“As a leader in her own right and her helping the poor, qualifies her to be involved in the politics of the PA, which is to genuinely change the lives of our people. Welcome, my sister, to your Political family,” he captioned the video.

Zodwa also wrote on her Instagram saying, “I don’t know what iskhokho big boss, Kenny Kunene saw in me to want me in politics, but prayers are answered by God in his own way.”