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WATCH: Patrice Motsepe called a ‘slay king’ after saying Africa loves Donald Trump

While initial reactions were divided and humorous, it appears that after having seen the the video footage of the event, many people were eager to criticise Patrice Motsepe for his remarks to President Donald Trump at the WEF dinner.

Social media was in a stir on Thursday when the billionaire and African Rainbow Minerals founder and CEO was part of a select group of business leaders from across the world who were invited to dine with Trump in Davos, at the World Economic Forum.

After Motsepe spoke, Trump asked the CEOs in attendance at the dinner to introduce themselves.

In a clip from the dinner that was posted to social media, Motsepe said: “All I wanted to say is that Africa loves America. Africa loves you.”

“Thank you very much. That’s an honour. Thank you,” replied Trump.

Motsepe added: “We want America to do well, we want you to do well. The success of America is the success of the rest of the world.” IOL