SA hailed for barring refugees from engaging in politics

Rwanda on Wednesday hailed South Africa for enacting a law that bars refugees and asylum seekers from engaging in politics back home or in their host country.

wanda's President Paul Kagame
FILE – In this Sept. 24, 2014 file photo Rwanda President Paul Kagame speaks during a United Nations Security Council meeting at U.N. headquarters. Kagame came to power in 2000, after the genocide, and originally championed his country’s constitution limiting presidents to two seven-year terms . But he has become more equivocal as 2017 nears, when he should step down. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

Xinhua news agency quoted Rwanda’s minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Vincent Biruta as telling reporters that dissidents against his government were using South Africa as a base to engage in subversive activities back home.

“This law will put an end to subversive activities against Rwanda by these anti-Rwanda terror groups,” he said.

Under the new law passed on January 1, refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa now face deportation if they engage in political activities, including around issues that drove them from their homes in the first place. African News Agency (ANA)