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Rapper Cassper Nyovest calls off boxing match with YouTuber Slik Talk

After weeks of hyping his fans with talk of a boxing match, South African rapper Cassper Nyovest has officially called off his match with YouTuber Slik Talk.

The two opponents have been going back and forth with heated arguments on social media but now the ‘Phumakim’ rapper says Slik keeps finding excuses not to fight him.

Cass shared a screenshot which he claimed Slik was demanding a guaranteed R200 000 (US$12 500), despite initially agreeing to R100 000 (US$ 6250).

Slik Talk attacks Cassper Nyovest for changing boxing match terms
Slik Talk attacks Cassper Nyovest for changing boxing match terms

The additional R100k is split between medical costs and his fee to promote the fight, which is R50 000 (US$3125) for each.

Cass also claims that Slik wants the money, regardless of whether he wins the fight or not.

The screenshots also indicates that Slik wants Cass to hire and pay for his security and also asked to bring his own sponsors for the fight.

Mufasa tweeted, “The fight with Slik Talk is off. I knew he would find excuses. Now he wants a guaranteed 200k even if he takes a dive in the first round. He wants me to pay and hire security for him and sponsor rights. I was cool with the 100k guaranteed and 3 rounds but I’m not dumb. Mxm.”

The ‘Ksazoba lit’ hit maker accused Slik of trying to milk the situation as well as making ridiculous demands as a way to avoid the fight.

“This dude is cleadly scared and he tryna milk the situation. The deal was R100k, 3 rounds, now you’re tryna hustle me. You are a scared lil punk who gets off picking on women and hiding behind a computer. I was soo ready to knock your head off!!!”