Boity tells fans to ‘stop fussing over her snuffing’

Musician and media personality Boity Thulo took to social media last week to let fans know that she snuffs, and it’s about time they come to terms with it. Thulo previously revealed that she rarely leaves her house without her smokeless tobacco.

Musician and media personality Boity Thulo
Musician and media personality Boity Thulo

In her Twitter post on Friday, the “Bakae” hitmaker wrote: “Peeps are gonna have to get used to seeing me take snuif in public, hey. The stares are wild.”

Many of her fans found her post hilarious, and the rapper ended up answering some of their questions about her habit directly.

One user asked: “How many times do you sneeze after hitting your line?” To which she replied: “Lol! I don’t sneeze.”

Thulo also revealed on Sunday that she’d received multiple Mother’s Day wishes, and that she didn’t understand why. “I’ve received a few “Happy Mother’s Day” messages today. I don’t get it but I appreciate it, I guess,” she tweeted.

One fan suggested that the universe was trying to tell her something.

While Thulo might not be a mum yet, she didn’t let it stop from celebrating the day. The businesswoman also shared some snaps of the chic outfit she wore to a Mother’s Day high tea. IOL Entertainment