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‘You are not the target market’: Mampintsha defends pricey R700 branded T-shirts

South African house music star Mampintsha has fired back at critics and fans after they attacked him for his exorbitant prices for branded T-shirts.

Shimora simply told them, ‘you are not the target market’.

In a pursuit to create more streams of income, Mampintsha launched his range of branded T-shirts on Monday and they cost R700-R800 (US$45 and $51).

Although some of his followers were clapping for him for launching an “Original Shandis” brand, others were shook by his pricing.

While the criticism was burning on social media, Shimora posted a video clip telling the critics not to de-campaign his ‘grind’.

“Guys I’ve posted the clothes and I’m going to reveal prices for others. If the prices got to you, then you are not target market because I use quality. I’m working, I’m at work, I’m not playing,” he said.

This comes after he shook his fans with another announcement while feeling himself saying it would cost R100 000 (US$ 6400) to get a feature with him.