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Trolls create a GoFundMe page for Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s fake ‘burial’

Legendary South African musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka has become the latest victim of fake news and scammers after a South African entertainment blog reported that she is dead and a GoFundMe campaign was created to raise money for ‘the burial.’

“We grieve with the family of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, we see how demoralizing they could be at this moment,” read part of the article.

Angry at the fake news, Yvonne took to social media expressing her anger saying, “Some fool posted my obituary and even asked people to contribute in a GoFundMe account for my burial. How mean can you be?” she wrote with crying emojis.

“So to the Devil, I am alive and kicking I am going nowhere. Thank you all for the love and support. Don’t fund Evil, he asked for some go Fund,” she added.

Speaking to a South African publication Yvonne said she laughed at the news post when she first saw it.

“I laughed at it! A friend of mine in L.A. sent me an email with the link and the following day I saw it on my Google alert, so I laughed about it because I know there’s mean people out there.”

She also added that she was not sick and nothing bad was happening in her life to prompt the fake news it was just a ‘con artist trying to make a buck and people being mean.’

The ‘Umqombothi’ hit-maker went on to say as far as her inevitable funeral is concerned, she has everything in order and paid for.

Chaka Chaka is an internationally celebrated musician, known to many as ‘Princess of Africa’. She is known for gracing global events with her performances.

She has performed at the World Economic Forum and World Bank. She was chosen by former President Nelson Mandela as the first ambassador for his Children’s Fund.

Some of her hit songs include, Umqombothi, I cry for Freedom, Thank you Mr. Dj, and Motherland.