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‘I heard about my divorce from a newspaper’ – Noma Gigaba

Nomachule Mngoma- Gigaba the estranged wife of Malusi Gigaba, former Home Affairs Minister of South Africa says her husband played her dirty to the point of getting her arrested and informing her about their divorce through a newspaper article.

Noma who was facing charges of malicious damage to property and crimen injuria for the damage of a luxury SUV that belonged to her husband’s friend, was acquitted last week after the state dropped all charges against her following a ruling by the High Court stating that her arrest was unlawful.

She shared her experience in a series of Instagram posts explaining how she was shocked by her ex-husband’s actions and how she felt betrayed by the person she had given all her life to.

“I got the shock of my life that my husband is the one who got me arrested… even today I still have so many questions but I will ask them one day,” she said.

She added that a few weeks later she got yet another surprising shock from her husband, “In few weeks I heard about my divorce from the Sunday World first… a month later it came, I knew that I was facing war and I quickly prepared myself for it.”

“I have so much to tell you but it’s a story for another day… They tried to manipulate and destroy me but I refused,” she added.

Noma also revealed that she was falsely accused of being part of the murder plot against Gigaba.

“The saddest part about this, is I have never ever thought that love can turn into hate and betrayal… when City Press said I was part of his conspiracy to murder, I was shattered and he knows I will never try to kill him.

However regardless all she’s been put through by her ex-husband, Noma says she has forgiven him;

“He has done so many things of what public know is a drop of water and you think is a lot but today I choose to forgive him not that he deserves it but I do it as my part of my healing process… I am moving on with my life.”