Muvhango Nonny vs Zodwa Wabantu dance moves

Phindile Gwala is a South African actress best known for her starring role as Nonny on SABC2 popular soapie Muvhango. Watch this dance off with socialite, provocateur, entertainer and dancer Zodwa Wabantu.

  • FOOLISH NEWS, ENOUGH OF THIS IMMORAL ZODWA THING/Her whatever. We have heard enough of it.

  • Zodwa akufinha manje. Imbwa iyo chamunoramba muchitiudza nezvake chii?

  • Nxaa admin get a life manhi hauna nyaya here .Nehanda must be for Zimbabweans around the globe ..tired nenyaya dzako you not for real .Pfusteki mhani indava uchidzokorodza nyaya dzisina basa zvakabuda kudhara kana usina nyaya nyarara.IT’S CHILDISH NXAAAAA MAXM

  • Even myself I was

  • Even myself I don’t see anything interesting in Zodwa story,a beach who is just showing her ass and thighs,what so special about that,she can’t even dance.Let’s not be carried away by these shameful acts which are not proper especially to our children.What do we learn from this

  • Two whores dancing. If a woman is a good dancer BEWARE it shows that she has been to too many bars,pubs, shows, parties and got banged by different men in the process. A woman who dances well is a whore,a bitch.Lets not debate this true fact.

  • Regai apfeke zvitori nani pane nhembe 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nehanda ne satafrika u are obsessed isu tiriko kuS.a kwacho totosvotwa kuona a Zim paper take take nenyaya dzekune imwe nyika

  • Zodwa wins everytime.